Coffee Guide

HANDS UP if you’ve stood for at least ten minutes in Caffe Nero trying to decipher the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino?

Well, wonder no more as our handy guide will finally get to the bottom of what a Cortado actually is…

Simply put an americano is just water and espresso, typically served ½ and ½ but if that may be a bit too much for you then go for ½ espresso and 2/3 water. Hardcore coffee aficionados won’t add milk!

The perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk and foam, this evenly split coffee is rich and sweetly flavoured but keeps a strong espresso flavour – don’t forget to say yes to a dusting of chocolate powder.  

A mocha sees espresso combined with chocolate powder or syrup followed by steamed milk and foam. Coming in at 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk, this choctastic-coffee is perfect for those who want a small kick of caffeine.

Made with lightly steamed milk, no froth or foam here, cortado translates to cut meaning that the coffee is cut with milk. Reducing the acidity, this method gives the drink a strong and rich flavour.

This espresso topped with a small amount of steamed milk is perfect for those who find an espresso too harsh but a cappuccino too weak – ask for a glass of water on the side for an authentically Italian taste.

Remember Wellington Square’s Caffe Nero is open during lockdown for takeaway only, let us know your favourite hot drink over on our Twitter

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