Covid-19 FAQs

See below for a list of FAQs regarding Wellington Square and Covid-19.

What shops are open?
Please visit our blog to find out which essential shops are open at Wellington Square.

Do I have to wear a mask in the centre?
Following the latest government guidance, face coverings are now mandatory in all shops so please bring a face covering if you intend to visit shops in Wellington Square.

Are your toilets open?
Yes all our toilets remain open. However, to maintain social distancing every second cubicle, sink and urinal is out of use to adhere to the two-metre rule. You can find our toilets opposite Energie Fitness. Please note our toilets are open until 4pm.

Is your car park open?
Yes our car park is open and usual tariffs now apply. Click here for prices.

Do you have seating?
Yes, we have seating at Wellington Square. However, these benches are PRIORITY SEATING so please offer the seat to elderly or disabled customers and please adhere to social distancing and only sit with members of your household.

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