Halloween Parties for All

WHETHER YOU’RE throwing a Halloween party for your yummy mummy mates or a group of tweens, check out our handy guide…

Yummy Mummies
The key-note for a Halloween party for babies is to keep it sweet rather than spooky! Think sensory play, pumpkin cookies and of course cute costumes.

To make a sensory bin simply find your biggest storage box, add black and orange dyed rice, crunchy autumnal leaves, a couple of gourds and a pipe-cleaner spider – don’t forget cups so little ones can scoop up the rice and watch it fall.

Tween Tribes
Turn your home into a private cinema and pop on a few horror movies. Classics like Poltergeist and The Ring are age-friendly and we’re sure family favourites Hocus Pocus and Casper wouldn’t go amiss either!

Add popcorn, nachos and treat them to a couple of Tango Ice Blasts and you’ve got yourself an at-home cinema all for the price of one ticket at Cineworld! 

Deathly Dinner
You’ve transformed your home into a house of horrors, your Morticia Addams dress is all good-to-go and you’ve prepped the Saucy Spider, now all that’s left to do is drinks!

A few of our favourites are The Grasshopper and Beetroot Blood, but you can’t forget a good ol’ Bloody Mary and a Black Russian – just make sure you serve them in goblets with plenty of dry ice.

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