Hot Dog Week

THIS WEEK marks National Hot Dog week! To celebrate this wondrous day we are taking a look at next-level hot dog toppings that put ketchup and mustard to shame…

Avocado & Bacon
Avocado and bacon is for life, not just for breakfast! Give your hot dog a breakfast spin by topping with sliced or smashed avocado, a sprinkle of bacon crumbles and a twist of sea salt and garlic.

Baked Beans & Crisps
Making the perfect combo of salty and sweet, top your hot dog with good ol’ Heinz baked beans and sprinkle on ready salted crisps for an extra delicious crunch.

Chips & Gravy
Go all-out Canadian and give your hot dog a poutine flare with salty fries and smothering it all in gravy – give it an extra authentic taste with a few cheese curds as well.

Mushrooms & Onions
Not just for burgers, why not add sauteed mushrooms and carmalised onions for a classy take on a hot dog? Add swiss cheese for an extra layer of taste.

Chilli and Cheese
Spruce up a chilli dog by topping with cheese. Mix up your favourite chilli recipe then top the hot dog with a mound of cheese for two meals in one!

You can pick up everything you need for all these recipes from Iceland – let us know if you try any!

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