National Relaxation Day

AS CAT Stevens would say: “Just relax, take it easy” and as this week marks National Relaxation Day we are taking those words to heart!

Check out our top tips to help you relax and enjoy the best bath ever…

Adding a soft ambient glow to the bathroom with a diffuser is a quick sure way to relax! With a massive range of oils ranging from sandlewood to jasmine and ocean fresh, there’s a scent for everyone – our personal favourites are vanilla and lavender which are traditional aromas used for relaxation in aromatherapy. Pick up a funky diffuser and a whole host of oils from Katie’s Kards. 

Bubble Bath
Next up is those all-important bubbles – who doesn’t love to unwind in a gorgeous bath full of bubbles? Whether you want muscle therapy, stress relief or simply want to smell great there’s a whole range of delicious bath foams to ensure you feel relaxed , all while keeping your skin feeling soft and smooth. Stop by Superdrug who have bubble baths in every scent possible.

Soak away the stress even further with a playlist tailored exclusively for your bath. Whether you’re after chilled Ibiza gold, whale sounds or something you can hum along to, Spotify has thousands of playlists to choose from. We would however recommend you pick up a Bluetooth Speaker from CeX as you don’t want to drop your phone in the water.

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