National Thoughtful Day

THIS WEEK marks National Thoughtful Day, a day where we have the opportunity to bring goodwill to those all around us.

Check out our ideas below on how celebrate ‘National Thoughtful Day’ and help bring a smile to a face…

Send Cards
Post a card to a loved one – a handwritten note to just say ‘thinking of you’ means so much since they are rare these days. The Works have a lovely range of blank cards.

Small Treats
Deliver small treats to friends and family – they won’t be turned away, we promise! Why not stop by Bluecorn Bakery and pick up a box of fresh cream cakes?

Fresh Flowers
Bring fresh flowers to a neighbour you don’t know yet. They will brighten their day and help make a connection. Stop by Stockton town centre’s Lidl to pick up a bouquet.

New Book
Surprise somebody with a new book. Pop by WH Smith and pick up an inspirational story such as Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ or ‘I Am Malala’

Picnic in the Park
Take the family for a picnic in the park – children always appreciate a bit of escapism, and the free snacks will always go down well with the other half! We recommend a trip to Ropner Park.

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