Purple Tuesday

WELLINGTON SQUARE will be taking part in Purple Tuesday on 2nd November.

Supporting disabled people and their families, Purple Tuesday calls on businesses to make changes to improve their customer experience.

Around 1 in 5 people have a disability and of those people, 80% have a hidden disability, whether this this be dyslexia, a mental health condition or a learning difficulty.

This means that on average 20% ofshoppers are likely to have a disability and many will need additional customer care.

With over 4000 participating organisations, each business makes a pledge to change or improve the customer experience for disabled people.

This includes commitments such as conducting an on-site accessibility audit, making their website fully accessible and mystery shops.

Chantal Taylor, Marketing Manager at Wellington Square, said: “At Wellington Square this year our commitment is to provide training opportunities for all our staff and shop managers including dementia, autism and disability awareness training and basic British Sign Language.

“This will make sure we can help all our customers at all times and ensure they have a positive shopping experience.”

To further promote Purple Tuesday, our friends at Castlegate are inviting Northern Stars Performing Group, a local performing arts company who work with adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, to perform dance routines, songs and stand-up comedy shows.

Shows takes place on Tuesday 12th November outside B&M at 11am, 12pm and 1pm.

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