Wellington Welcomes Local Creatives

WELLINGTON SQUARE brings art to the masses while showcasing and supporting local talent.

Breathing new life into a vacant unit, we are giving the local community an opportunity to discover and enjoy brilliant artwork made by local creatives.

After putting a callout to artists on social media, there was plenty of interest and we soon filled up all our exhibition boards.

Emily Holmes specialises in portraits inspired by her life. She said: “I got back into art after the birth of my second child. Being a single-mum, I wanted to use my time to grow a business to be able to stay at home with my two boys.

“My late mother always said I would be an artist and now that my work is being displayed in Wellington Square I have been given a big boost of confidence to keep going towards my dream and make my mum proud.”

Barry Skeldon specialises in abstract acrylic paintings and is delighted to have his artwork up, he said: “I used to dabble in art in my younger days so when lockdown hit I started dabbling once again! I find it very therapeutic and enjoyable and it was the perfect antidote for being stuck indoors.

“After seeing a post on Facebook calling out for local artists I was in touch straight away and I’m delighted to have my pieces out there for lots of people to see and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”

Chantal Taylor, Marketing Manager, said: “We have an amazing range of local artists showing a wide range of genres from pop-art to landscapes to something a bit more abstract!

“This pop-up exhibition follows our recent public art pieces on our overhead bridges, our ‘Light:Space’ installations by local art group Wild Vision and we will soon be unveiling more street art throughout the mall.”

Other artists being showcased include Dionne Kidd who has a wide range of super-cool abstract pieces, Elaine Burrows who specialises in stunning landscapes and Mark Williams whose range of celebrity pop-art pieces are quickly being snapped up.

You can find the art exhibition in the unit in the old Debenhams unit and make sure you follow us on Facebook for your chance to win a bespoke piece of art.

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