Back To Uni Essentials

YOU’VE PASSED the dreaded first-year, spent all your money on ‘essential’ textbooks and now you’re sat in your new student digs thinking what now?!

Well it’s time to come down to Wellington Square and pick up those all-important back to university essentials…

Channel first day back at school eagerness with a pencil case filled to the brim with deluxe colour gel pens, highlighters, sharpies and good ol’ bics and your lecture notes will soon be top of the class!

Also stock up on notepads while you’re there (trust us they cost a lot more at the university shop) – you can grab a reporter notebook for £1 from The Works which will last you a whole year (or maybe just a week depending on your degree!)

Home Sweet Home
Make your new room feel like home by placing pictures around the room of your family and in glittery frames for that extra elegant touch or if you’re not that keen on your sister then add a pic of Jason Momoa – who wouldn’t want to wake up to that on a daily basis?

For those nights when you fancy staying away from the SU, have a relax with a few candles. We love Poundland’s Tipsy Plum range – I mean come on, you can take away the student from the SU but you can’t take the SU away from the student!

Teatime Treats 
Trust us, you’ll soon get sick of parmos, pizzas and pop-tarts and you’ll soon be reaching for something a bit more homely. So stock-up on basic food essentials from Poundland to make sure the cupboard is never bare.

We love tins of Heinz Macaroni Cheese and Spag Bol with a slice of toast – perfect for a revision sesh – and when you don’t feel like cooking, packet food such as Mug Shots and Pasta N’ Sauce will come in more useful than that £80 textbook ever will.

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