Festival Camping Checklist

WITH FESTIVAL season not too far away we’ve put together a camping checklist giving you more time to check out the headliners rather than worrying about a ground sheet!

* Sleeping on the ground isn’t ideal but with an inflatable pillow you’ll get a decent rest.
* Make your camping experience an extra bit homey and pop some battery-powered fairy lights around your tent.
* Don’t pitch near a path or the toilets to prevent you from late-night stumblers and the horrible smell!

Clothing & Comfort
* Although you may feel a bit like a teacher on a school trip, a waterproof poncho is a must.
* A pair of thermal socks, gloves and a hot water bottle will keep you warm at night when it gets bitterly cold.
* The most important thing is that you feel good and confident in any outfit!

Cooking & Cleaning
Start your day right with a good ol’ breakfast. Wr recommend a couple of eggs and hey are all very easy to make on a simple stove.
* Pack a handy BBQ grill and you’ll soon have everyone over at your tent as soon as the scent of sausages fills the air (hey, you never know Dua Lipa or Calvin Harris might pop by!)
* Don’t forget a few refuse sacks – you don’t want to leave your campsite a mess for that poor unfortunate sole whose job it is to tidy up EVERYBODY’S mess.

Visit Poundland for all your festival must-haves and we hope you have a brilliant time!

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