Sip into Summer

SUMMER IS the season of sun, fun, and refreshing beverages. As the temperatures rise, there’s nothing quite like a crisp spritz to cool you down.

Check out our favourite cocktails to sip while the sun goes down…

Classic Aperol Spritz
The Aperol Spritz is the quintessential summer drink. Its vibrant orange hue and refreshing taste make it a favourite for warm weather gatherings.

3 oz Aperol
3 oz Prosecco
1 oz soda water
Orange slice for garnish

Fill a wine glass with ice.Add Aperol, Prosecco, and a splash of soda water.Stir gently and garnish with an orange slice.Enjoy the perfect balance of bitter and sweet with a slight fizz.

Strawberry Rosé Spritz
For a touch of romance and a lot of refreshment, the Strawberry Rosé Spritz is your go-to drink. It’s sweet, sparkling, and oh-so-pretty.

3 oz Rosé wine
1 oz elderflower liqueur
1 oz soda water
Fresh strawberries, sliced
Fresh basil leaves

Fill a glass with ice.
Add Rosé, elderflower liqueur, and soda water.
Stir gently and add sliced strawberries and basil leaves.
Enjoy the delicate floral notes and the beautiful pink hue.

Cucumber and Mint Spritz
For those who love a fresh and crisp drink, the Cucumber and Mint Spritz is the ultimate summer refreshment.

2 oz cucumber juice
3 oz sparkling wine
1 oz soda water
Fresh mint leaves
Cucumber slices for garnish

Fill a glass with ice.
Add cucumber juice, sparkling wine, and soda water.
Stir gently and garnish with mint leaves and cucumber slices.
Relish the invigorating and cooling flavours.

Pick up everything for your refreshing spritz from B&M and enjoy!

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