Spruce Up!

WITH THE sun out, and hopefully here to stay, it’s time to pull on your gardening gloves, get out your trusty trowel and venture out into the wilds of your back garden.

But don’t worry, we are here with some top gardening tips to transform your overgrown bushes into something that wouldn’t go amiss at Kew Gardens

Plant Your Herbs Together
If you’d like step out into your back yard to pick a few basil leaves for your Meze Platter then this herb heaven is a must-do! This is perfect for those who are short on space and we love the chalkboard personalisation – follow this guide from Black & Iffel for your own fab one-pot herb garden.

Wellington Boot Garden
If you have a few spare random pairs of old wellies hanging around the house then make the most of them and create this unique mounted garden. All you need is a few wellies, spray paint and a drill then follow this handy guide from Rachel Hollis and ta-da!

Geometric Garden
Give your planter pots a makeover and transform them from boring and bland to bold and gold. Grab a few cans of brightly-coloured spray paint and masking tape and you’re ready to go. Simply follow this quick guide from The Sweet Escape.

B&M have plenty of AMAZING garden bargains including gardening tools, seeds, trelis and even bird houses so make sure you pop in and fill up your trolley today!

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