Art Gallery With A Difference

TEESSIDE’S LATEST art gallery with a difference is putting local photographers and their images of the area in the frame.

We are taking every opportunity to elevate the environment and reflect the beauty of the area to visitors.

We teamed up with ARC to find photographers to help take the centre’s  public toilets to the next level – along with asking local artist Harriet Mee to create a mural for the baby change area.

The seven cubicle doors are now works of art in their own right, along with Harriet’s fabulous mural with a nod to the area’s heritage, which give the loos a definite wow factor.

Wellington Square Marketing Manager, Chantal Taylor, said: “We work hard to ensure that our shoppers have a great experience when they come to Wellington Square.

“We want everything to be top class and we pay attention to the detail – from the overhead murals of the area’s bridges to our brand-new toilet facilities.

“Part of that continuous improvement is working with local people – in this case artists and photographers – to showcase the centre and support local people.”

Harriet said: “As an artist I believe that art can make an impact anywhere and this initiative certainly proves that.

“It is the first time I’ve been asked to be involved in a project like this but it has certainly been worthwhile and is an unusual way to highlight what art can do in even the most functional of environments!”

Chloe Lawrence, ARC’s Programmes Manager said: “We are thrilled to have worked in partnership with Wellington Square on this project. This was an amazing opportunity for local artists to showcase their brilliant work and highlight our beautiful region.

“At ARC we bring people together to help them enjoy the world around them and experience new ideas. We want to make a positive difference to our local community.”

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