A Breath of Fresh Air

WELLINGTON SQUARE has just got a whole lot greener with our brand-new planter – adding a splash of nature right in the heart of the shopping centre!

Adding tranquillity to the vibrant Centre Square, this new green addition is also a symbol of our commitment to creating an environmentally friendly space.

Packed with all sorts of plants, from a plentiful palm to bee-friendly French lavender and pretty posies, the planter is based in Centre Square, making it a great place to take a break, chat with friends, or just enjoy a bit of you time.

Chantal Taylor, Marketing Manager at Wellington Square, said: “I am thrilled to introduce such a beautiful touch of tranquillity and nature to the mall.

“We collaborated closely with Groundworks NE & Cumbria and their Men Shed team, who constructed the planter and a big thank you to Stockton BID for funding the materials for the wooden planter.

“Our on-site team then filled the planter and carefully arranged the plants to create a welcoming and beautiful space,” added Chantal.

The new planter is key in our commitment to sustainability. In line with our eco-friendly initiatives, we recycled 40 tonnes of cardboard last year, which helped preserve 700 trees. Additionally, all the lights in the shopping centre are energy-efficient, and we are currently implementing water-harvesting systems for use in mall cleaning.

So next time you’re at Wellington Square, take a moment to enjoy this green haven—it’s a reminder that even in the midst of a busy shopping trip, nature’s beauty is never far away!

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