Combatting Period Poverty

WE ARE proud to launch our ‘Ask Flo’ campaign, aimed at combating period poverty and promoting menstrual health awareness. 

While visiting Wellington Square, individuals will be able to ask for Flo, upon which they will receive a discreet package of free sanitary essentials.

By giving shoppers access to these items, Wellington Square hopes to not only support its community but also help destigmatise the subject of menstruation. 

A recent survey conducted by Plan International UK emphasises the importance of addressing the growing issue of period poverty in the UK. Shockingly, it found that 1 in 4 girls (28%) aged 14-21 had struggled to afford period products amid the worst cost of living crisis in 40 years.

Among this group, half had to reduce their spending on food and groceries to afford these products, and a concerning 1 in 10 had no option but to turn to foodbanks to access them. 

Chantal Taylor, Marketing Manager at Wellington Square Shopping Centre, is excited to introduce this vital service, stating: “We believe that everyone who menstruates should have the fundamental right to access sanitary products, safe spaces, and manage menstruation without shame or stigma.

“Wellington Square is committed to breaking the silence surrounding period poverty and providing crucial support to those in need. The ‘Ask Flo’ campaign is an important step towards achieving positive change within our community, ensuring that everyone has access to essential sanitary products.”

Wellington Square is dedicated to raising awareness about period poverty and encourages local community members, businesses, and organisations to help spread the word about the ‘Ask Flo’ service to reach and support as many people as possible.

Chantal adds: “By coming together as a community, we can truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by period poverty, and in turn, work towards a fairer and more equitable society.”

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